5 Tips to Better Headshots

Use these 5 Tips from Renowned Photographer David Hartcorn for the Best Headshot you've ever had!


Tip 1- Determine the audience for your headshot (LinkedIn, Publications, Website).

 This information is crucial to determining the style of your headshot.  


Tip 2- Determine the look you want to portray (Formal, Business, Casual, Artistic)



Tip 3- Choose your clothing carefully

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Tip 4- Prepare your face and hair

If you plan to have your hair cut, do so at least one week before the shoot.
Men, there's no nice way to say this... trim your nose hair, ear hair, and make sure you did a good shave.
Ladies, we have a fabulous hair and makeup team we can recommend.  If you're interested, please let us know.

Tip 5-