Bill Murray, Bridesmaid

Last night at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, Bill Murray was awarded the Mark Twain Prize; one of comedy’s most significant honors.  Mr. Murray is known for his elusive lifestyle and for pulling pranks on unsuspecting people.

Back in 2009, when Mr. Hartcorn was getting started as a wedding photographer, he had his own Bill Murray experience.  While waiting in the Jefferson Hotel lobby with the bride, groom, and one bridesmaid, David Hartcorn realized he was standing next to Bill Murray!  He turned to him and said,

“Hey, do you want to be a bridesmaid?”

He said, “Sure!”

David and his assistant quickly set up a spot in the lobby to take the shot.  Bill played it fairly straight and David was reluctant to ask him to give the ‘Bill Murray sideways glance look’.  Suddenly, he gave him the look and they were done!  The whole thing lasted maybe two minutes.

Mr. Murray hung out and chatted up the bride and groom and bridesmaid for the next five minutes or so.  He was very gracious.  Mr. Hartcorn especially loves the look on the bridesmaid- she was so thrilled!  For the rest of the night, all people were talking about was Bill Murray dropping in on the wedding.