Q:  Where do the photo sessions occur?

A: All sessions take place in our state of the art studio in Annapolis.



Q:  Why are the shoots primarily in the studio?

A:  We have complete control over lighting, the set, even the weather!  In the studio the light is always perfect, it’s never too hot or cold, and no gnats…


Q: How much is the session fee?

A:  A Fine Art Family Portrait session is $399.

Q: How much are prints?

A: Our clients typically invest $3,000.  There are no minimums and you may purchase as many or as few as you like.


Q:  How do we purchase the prints?

A:  As part of our boutique experience we guide you through an Order Appointment after your Portrait Session. You will have the opportunity to view the best images and purchase art for your home at that time.  Significant price considerations are made at the time of the ordering session that are not available at any other time.



A: Web-sized digital files are available with a minimum purchase.

Q:  Do I get digital files?