Your Distinctive Headshot

Headshots speak volumes about the individual.  In today’s visual era, your image is of vital importance.  Make sure that first impression counts with an image that conveys professionalism and approachability.


Two Great Options


Appropriate for:  Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers, etc.


Appropriate for:  Writers, Actors, Architects, etc.



Professional: $300

In Studio Headshot One Set                                                  Post-processing & Retouching One Web-sized File

Creative: $1500

In Studio Headshot                        Three Sets                                       Post-processing & Retouching       Five Web-sized Files


Headshot Testimonials

"The photo looks amazing!"


"The photo looks amazing!  Thank you all so much!"

"I really enjoyed the experience!'


"Thank you kindly for arranging my shoot at Hartcorn Studios.  I really enjoyed the experience!"

"Wonderful experience!"


“I'd like to thank you AND Mr. Hartcorn for a wonderful experience!”

Make Your First Impression Count

Put your best foot forward with a Headshot that shows you as your best self.